About The 4th Generation iPod Also Known As The iPod Photo

Fourth Generation iPod

ipod 4

AquaStreakRugby471 / Wiki Commons/CC 3.0
Released: Jul, 04
Discontinued: Oct, 05

This iPod Touch inherited many of its features from the iPhone 4, while dramatically upgrading the display capabilities along with making it a lot more powerful.

Major changes that were introduced in this model was an addition of an Apple A4 processor which also powers the iPad and the iPhone 4, two cameras which includes 1 user-facing along with support for the Face-time video chats, a high-definition video-recording, along with an added high-resolution Retina Display screen. It is also inclusive of a 3-axis gyroscope that offers improved gaming responsiveness.

Like the previous models, this 4th Generation Touch offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen, media-playback features and Internet access using Wi-Fi, multiple sensors for added gaming performance, along with App Store support.

The fourth Generation iPod included another overall redesign and came with a few new spin-off products which were merged eventually into the fourth generation line.

This version of the iPod brought about the clickwheel, that was first introduced with the original iPod mini, onto the primary iPod line. This clickwheel was touch-sensitive to scroll and also had built-in buttons which allowed a used to click on the wheel in order to select a menu, play/pause and forward/backward. The middle button served the function for onscreen item selections.

This version also came with 2 special editions: the 30 GB edition which was inclusive of the band, U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” album, with engraved signatures of this band, along with a discount coupon to buy the entire catalog of the band from iTunes (October 2004), the Harry Potter limited edition, inclusive of a Hogwarts logo which was engraved onto the iPod and included 6 of the Potter books available at that time which had been pre-loaded in the form of audiobooks (September 2005).

At the same time the new iPod Photo debuted, which was one of the versions of the fourth generation iPod which includes abilities to show photos and a fresh new color-screen.

The iPod Photo line merged with the Clickwheel line in the fall of 2005.



20GB which is equivalent to about 5,000 singles – the Clickwheel iPod model only
30 GB which is equivalent to about 7,500 singles – the Clickwheel iPod model only
40 GB which is equivalent to about 10,000 singles
60 GB which is equivalent to 15,000 singles – Photo iPod model
The Hard-drive is used for the purposes of storage

Music File Types:

Audible Audiobooks
Apple Lossless

Photos: For the iPod Photo



Black and Red (U2 SE)


iPod Photo: 2-inch, 220px X 176px, 65,536 color
Clickwheel models: 160 X 128 pixels, Grayscale, 2-inch


Dock Connector

Approx. Battery Life:

Clickwheel Model: 12 hours
iPod Photo Model: 15 hours


The 4.1″ X 2.4″ X 0.57″- 20 and 30 GB CW Models
The 4.1″ X 2.4″ X 0.69″ – 40 GB CW Model
The 4.1″ X 2.4″ X 0.74″ – iPod Photo

The 5.6oz – 20 and 30 Clickwheel models
The 6.2oz – 40 GB Clickwheel model
The 6.4oz – iPod Photo Model

The Price

$299 for the 20 GB CW
$349 for the 30 GB U2 Limited Edition
$399 for the 40 GB CW
$499 for the 40 GB Photo
$599 for the 60 GB Photo (which dropped to $440 February and $399 June 2005)


For Mac: The Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher; iTunes
For Windows: Windows 2000 or the XP; iTunes

This version also went by the names; the ‘iPod with Color Display’, the ‘iPod Photo’ and the ‘Clickwheel iPod’.