In 2007, Apple introduced the iPod touch.

first generation ipod

Image Copyright Apple Inc.
Introduced: Oct. 2001
Released: Nov. 2001
Discontinued: July 2002

This first-generation smart device showed a huge shift and redesign of the original iPod. This iPod touch resembled the very popular and easy to use iPhone. In fact, it did not look like the iPod Nano or iPod Video, its predecessors at all. It is easy to see why the iPod touch became a very good choice for people who wanted the features of the iPhone without the actual phone.

Throughout its existence, the iPod touch has progressed from a fun and trendy way to listen to music to a useful and sometimes essential device. So much so, some decided to forgo the phone and use the iPod touch instead. Keep reading to see how the iPod has changed its design, software, and features with every new generation.

The first-generation iPod was known for its sleek design. The all white design was both modern and aesthetically pleasing. The scroll wheel housed the 4 buttons that controlled the device. On top is the menu button, then the forward, then the play/pause, then the backwards button. To select items, simply push the center button. This first-generation iPod could only be used with Mac 0S 9 or Mac 0S X 10.1.

The iPod was by far the most user-friendly MP3 device on the market. Because of this, and its design, it accumulated a quick following. The original iPod was a strong seller. Since the iTunes store did not yet exist, those who used this first iPod had to add music manually from their CDs or personal music library.

Apple was a relatively small company at the time.

A lot of its success came from the introduction of this MP3 device.

Two options: 5 GB held about 1000 songs and the 10 GB could hold 2000 songs.

Supported Audio Formats
MP3‚Äč, WAV, and AIFF

Only available in white

160 x 128 pixels, 2×2, gray-scale

Fire-wire Connection

Battery Life of 10 hours

Dimensions: 4.02 x 2.43 x 0.78 in

Weight: 6.5 ounces

Price in US Dollars

5GB for $399.00
10 GB for $499.00

Requirements: Mac OS-9, iTunes 2