The 3rd-generation Model iPod was released on April 2003

ipod 3rd generation

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Released April 2003
Discontinued July 2004

The third-generation iPod touch was received with a somewhat lukewarm response when it was first introduced because it was just a slight improvement over the previous iPod model. Based on rumors, a majority of observers were expecting that the model would incorporate a camera, which appeared in the later model, the fourth-generation model. Despite the disappointment in some areas, the 3rd-generation iPod touch still made some sales and was successful in every respect.

The 3rd-generation iPod was quite similar to the previous one. However, a faster processor, increased capacity and VoiceOver and Voice Control capabilities set it apart from its predecessor.

Another key feature added to the 3rd-generation model was the processor used in the latest line of iPhone 3GS, which gave the device more processing speed and power, making it possible for the model to display complex graphics as it had OpenGL. Just like prior iPod touch models, the third-generation iPod lacked the GPS and digital camera available on the phone.

The 3rd-generation iPod was released on April 2003 but was discontinued in July 2004.

The third-generation iPod was quite a design change from previous iPod models. The model featured a new device housing that was way thinner and featured more-rounded soft corners. It was the first model to have the new ‘touch wheel’, a new touch-sensitive wheel for perusing content stored within the device. With this unique menu maneuver, backward/forward and pause/play buttons were moved using a thumb wheel and were aligned in a straight horizontal row just below the display screen.

It was also the first iPod model to come with a Dock Connector. This soon became the new standard for connecting most iPod Models (apart from the iPod Shuffle) to compatible accessories and computers.

The introduction of the new iTunes Store promotions partners with the new models features. A Windows OS compatible desktop version of the Store was launched in October 2003, just 5 months following the new market introduction of the 3rd-generation iPod was introduced. Windows OS users needed to do a little reformatting of their iPods to make them Windows-compatible.

10GB – could hold up to 2,500
15GB – could hold up to 3,700
20GB – could hold up to 5,000 (this model replaced the 15GB model – September 2003)
30GB – could hold up to 7,5000
40GB – could hold up to 10,000 (this model replaced the 30 GB model – September 2003)
Storage hard drive

Supported Formats:
– Mp3
– ACC (Mac OS only)

White only

2-inch, 160px x 128px

– Dock
– FireWire USB adapter (optional)

Battery Life:
– approx. 8 Hours

Overall Dimensions:
10, 15, 20 GB Models 4.1″ x 2.4″ x 0.62″
30 and 40 GB Models 4.1″ x 2.4″ x 0.73″

10, 15, and 20 GB Models – 5.6oz
30 and 40 GB Models – 6.2oz

10 GB – $299
15 GB and 20GB – $399
30 GB and 40 GB – $499

Windows: Windows XP, 2000, or ME; Music-match / Jukebox Plus v7.5; iTunes 4.1
Mac: Mac OS X 10.1.5 and above; iTunes