2002 was the Release of their Second Generation, the iPod Touch.

iPod 2nd Generation

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Released: In July 02
Discontinued: In April 03

The 2nd Generation iPod Touch was very different to its predecessors in association to the redesign in shape along with a variety of new sensors and features, which included integrated speakers, a built-in accelerometer, Genius functionality and Nike+ support.

The 2nd Generation iPod touch featured the iPhone 3G shape, yet it was thinner with a measurement of just 0.33-inches thick.

Similar to the iPhone, the second Gen.Touch came with the accelerometer which senses how the user is moving or holding the device, which allowed the screen content to accordingly respond. This device also came with a Nike+ exercise tracking and management software system along with hardware for Nike shoes that needed to be bought separately.

Unlike an iPhone, this touch was lacking in a camera and phone features. Yet in many other ways, these 2 devices were just as similar.

The second-Generation model iPod was introduced shortly under one year later, after the great success of the original model.

For the 2nd generation, this model boasted a few other new features which included Window support which increased the storage capacity, the touch sensitive wheel, instead of a mechanical wheel which was featured on the first iPod.

Even though the look and feel of this device is just about identical to the 1st generation model, this new model came with rounded corners. On the date of its release, the now known iTunes store had not yet been released which occurred in the latter 2003.

The 2nd generation iPod came in 4 models, which featured signatures of Tony Hawk, Beck, or Madonna, or a logo from the band known as ‘No Doubt’, were engraved into the back part of this device for a fee of $50.

How an Accelerometer works


– 5GB, which is about 1000 singles

– 10 GB which is around 2000 singles

– 20 GB which is around 4000 singles

– The hard-drive was used for the purpose of storage

The Supported Formats

Audible audiobooks


White only

The Screen:

160 by 128 pixels



Battery Life:

approx 10 hrs


– 4h x 2.4w x 0.78″ thick – The 5 GB

– 4h x 2.4w x 0.72″ thick – The 10GB

– 4h x 2.4w x 0.84″ thick – The 20GB


6.5oz for the 5GB and the 10 GB
7.2oz for the 20 GB


$299 for the 5GB
$399 for the 10GB
$499 for the 20 GB

System Requirements:

Mac: the Mac OS 9.2.2 or the Mac OS X 10.14 or higher, iTunes2 for the OS 9 or 3 for the OS X

Windows: Windows ME, 2000 or the XP; MusicMatch Jukebox Plus